At Quest Computer we are carrying out and introducing the working method of Telework.
Telework makes use of IT technology enabling one to work freely and flexibly outside of the company environment – from home or from a satellite office, for example.
Telework is attracting much attention because it reduces the burden of traveling to work, makes a work life balance between work and home life possible and enables companies to carry on their business in emergencies and natural disasters.

Telework – Company Housing

We provide an environment for employees in executive class apartments equipped with relaxation facilities including a swimming pool and a gym where remote access can be made to the company computer. In this environment, business can be carried out in the same way as working at the company office.
According to statistics, such a working style produces excellent results, with efficient use of time, increased concentration on work, and the realization of ideas.
Time can be allocated to brushing up on one’s skills by using WEB systems to participate in employee traing, the acquisition of qualifications, and self-development.
This method of working ensures improvement in the will to work of resident employees, as well as contributing to the business achievements of the company.
Quest Computer’s Telework advisor will support the construction of your Telework environment.
If you are interested in introducing the Telework system, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.



We have been recognized as a Chuo Ward Work-Life Balance Promotion Corporation.
We received a special award from the Japan Telwork Association.

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