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Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Day of Enactment: October 30, 2009
Date of Revision: July 17, 2012

With the development of an advanced information communications society, the protection of privacy has become an ever more important issue. Quest-Computer Co., Ltd. (herein referred to as “our company”) has always paid the utmost attention in the protection of personal information and the appropriate handling of it. It goes without saying that the rights regarding personal information all revert to the individual and no one is permitted to use that information against their wishes. As our company works within the information technology industry, we have once again become aware of the importance of fulfilling corporate responsibility regarding personal information and we herein respectfully set out our personal information protection policy, as well as declaring our intention to carry out and maintain it.

1. The Acquisition of Personal Information
We acquire personal information through appropriate and legitimate means. Furthermore, we will handle the personal information entrusted to us in the performing of systems development.

2. The Use of Personal Information
Other than in cases governed by the law, we will utilize the personal information within the necessary parameters to accomplish the intended use specified at the time of acquiring said personal information. In addition, we may handle personal information during systems development or systems maintenance.

3. The Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
Only in the cases stated below will we provide Third Parties with personal information.
・When the customer has granted permission for us to do so.
・By law.
・When we entrust it to a subcontractor who has satisfied our standards and who will handle personal information appropriately and legitimately within the boundaries of carrying out the task for which the information is necessary.

4. Legislation, Standards and Guidelines Concerning Personal Information
We will uphold all legislation, standards and guidelines dealing with personal information.

5. The Safety Control of Personal Information
We will endeavor to protect and correct the unauthorized access of personal information, conduct reasonable control to prevent the leakage, loss, destruction or manipulation of the information and strive for the prevention of accidents and redress if necessary.

6. Complaints and Enquiries Regarding Personal Information
We will deal swiftly with all complaints and enquiries regarding Personal Information.

7. Our Protection of Personal Information
In order to appropriately carry out the protection of personal information, we are painstaking in our attention to the education and instruction of employees and continuously reconsider our methods.

8. The Release, Revision, and Termination of Use of Private Information
When our company receives a request to release, revise or terminate use of personal information, we will take action in the following ways:
(1) Documents we require to be submitted:
・Please refer to this file.(PDF)
– Application for Release and Letter of Response
– Identification Documents (a copy of an official document such as a driving license).
Should a proxy be appointed, a letter of attorney, and the proxy’s documents of
identification must also be submitted.
(2) Fee
For each invoice issued, we will add an actual expense fee (1,000 yen maximum).
(3) Response Method
We will send, without delay, a document of response to the address the customer has provided. Please be aware that we cannot release information in the following cases:
・In cases where the release of information may cause harm to the life, physical wellbeing , property or other rights or interests of the individual or a third party.
・In cases where the release of information may cause obvious hindrance to the business operations of our company.
・In cases where the release of information may cause contravention to the law.

9. Regarding Our Website
(1) The Use of Cookies and Web Beacons
Through the use of cookies and web beacons, statistical information can be acquired. In order to customize our website and heighten the quality of its contents and service, we use cookies and web beacons. Dependent upon the settings of the customer’s browser, it is possible to disable cookies. However, this may result in the customer not being able to use part of our service. Additionally, if you choose not to accept cookies, although our web beacons will recognize your access, no personal information will be collected.
(2) Website Links
Links to other websites are included on our website. We cannot take responsibility for the use of our customers’ personal information under the terms of this Personal Information policy in the case of the websites of other companies. When you provide personal information to other websites, please take a look at the personal information policy of that particular company.

<Contact us below with any questions regarding the protection of personal information>
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Protection of Personal Information Dept.
Quest-Computer Co., Ltd.

<Recognized by JIPDEC>
Quest-Computer Co., Ltd. is recognized by JIPDEC (Japan Information Processing Development Corporation) as a corporation that protects the personal information of its clients. In the case of any complaints regarding the protection of personal information, please contact JPIDEC directly.

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