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Company Information

Company Name Quest-Computer Co., Ltd.
Address IrifuneOhno Bldg.1F Irifune 2-5-6, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042
TEL: +81-3-3523-3088
FAX: +81-3-3523-5751
Year Established March,1986
June,1990 Quest-Computer Co., LTD.
Capital Paid-in capital 10 Million JPY  Authorized capital 20 Million JPY
Business Lineup (1)  manufacture and sales and marketing of computers and related machinery; the development, production and sales and marketing of computer software
(2) supporting the introduction of Telework
(3)collaboration with regional areas and overseas companies using ICT
(4) computer introduction consultant
(5) system operation and maintenance
(6) Internet server building
(7) sales and marketing of domestic and foreign products, import and export
(8) nutritional support business, mental health business
Hitoshi Iizuka
PoplaryNet-Japan Co.,LTD.
Main Bank Tokyo Shinkin Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank
Kiraboshi  Bank


Head Office Ohno Bldg.1F Irifune 2-5-6, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0042
TEL: +81-3-3523-3088 FAX: +81-3-3523-5751
Office Chiba(Chonan-machi) Office
770-1 Chonan, Chonan-machi,Chosei-gun,Chiba 297-0121
Asahikawa Office
Midorigaoka higashi ichijo 3-1-6, Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido  078-8801
Vietnamese Satellite Office Room 3407 D Tower, Golden silk complex, No1 Nguyen xien, Hoang mai, Ha noi
(Address in Vietnamese):phòng 3407, tòa nhà D, khu Kim Văn Kim Lũ, Số 1 Nguyễn Xiển, quận Hoàng Mai, Hà Nội

Company History

March, 1986 Establishment
concentrating on development of promising small computers
April, 1989 completion of first in-house product “hospitals calorie 32″
full-scale entry to medical institution business
August, 1989 established in-house education committee with substantial employee education system
April, 1990 completion of hospital food service management system “hospitals calorie 32 Ver.2″
June, 1990 establishment of Quest-Computer Co., LTD.
September, 1990 introduced computers at the rate of one machine per employee
April, 1991 construction of overall network(NetWare386) within the company, leading to great improvement in development efficiency
March, 1993 introduction of DOS/V machine, full-scale entry to MS-Windows related software development
June, 1994 establishment of computer shop “PC Planet” to carry out information services rooted in the community
August, 1997 full entry to Linux, selling Linux Internet Server “Aqua-Rikkey”
April, 1999 authorization of the food service management system “hospitals calorie 32 Ver.3″ as a specific program of Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (presently Information-Technology Promotion Agency) (IPA)
July, 2000 becomes a general type Ⅱ carrier
January, 2002 establishment of Quest-Computer Co., LTD. Tokyo office (presently operating as Mai Vang)
November, 2002 commencement of the Kanji business service site for overseas
May, 2003 commencement of “conversion guarantee type SEO” service as a business tie-up with Global Link Japan Co., LTD.
June, 2003 establishment of new Quest-Computer Co., LTD. Ichikawa office(presently operating as Region Quest)
January, 2004 relocation of head office to Minato,Chuo-ku,Tokyo
April, 2004 commencement of security strengthening movement
April, 2008 introduction of telework company residences
August, 2009 release of pawn management 2008
September, 2009 prize for excellence in the Japan Telework Association 10th telework promotion
September, 2010 recognized by the “privacy mark” grant company
November, 2011 relocation of head office to Shintomi,Chuo-ku,Tokyoestablishment of the northeast ICT center (Shintaka-cho, Yamagata)
November, 2012 private sector movement for the next generation
~Work Life Balance promotion meeting~
the 6th Work Life Balance contest “encouragement” prize
April, 2013 recognized as a Chuo-ku Work Life Balance promotion company
July, 2013 establishment of Community Quest in Irifune, Chuo-ku
March, 2015 Ichikawa Office beomes Region Quest (a community creation center)
August, 2015 Main office is relocated to Irifune, Chuo-ku
April, 2019 establishment of Asahikawa Office in Asahikawa shi,Hokkaido
October, 2021 establishment of Chiba(Chonan-machi) Office in Chonan-machi,Chiba
November, 2021 Main office is relocated to Irifune, Chuo-ku

Software Development

Process ■system design ■program design ■programming
■quality inspection ■operation instraction ■system operation
Language ■JAVA: Java / JSF/ JSP / JSON/ JavaScript
■ Web Script: Ruby (on Rails)/ PHP (Cake) / Python / HTML / XML
■C/Delphi: C# / C++ / Visual C++ / C++Builder / Delphi / C / gcc, etc.
■Apple: Swift / Objective-C
■BASIC: Visual Basic / VBA , etc.
■Adobe: Flex / Air / Flash
■Others:MS-ACCESS / MS-EXCEL / COBOL / PL / I / PowerBuilder/ PRO*C / MS-C / PASCAL
OS ■MS-Windows: 10 / 8.1/8 / 7 / VISTA / XP / 2000 / Me / 98 / 95
■UNIX: Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris / HP-UX
■Others: iPhone / Android / Mac-OS / MS-DOS / B-TRON
DB ■RDB: ORACLE / MySQL / SQL-Server / PostgreSQL / Access / Symfoware / DB2、InterBase / Sybase / PARADOX
■ NoSQL: MongoDB


In-Houseand Dealer Products

■For further details, please contact our sales office■

■Calorie Smile (Nutritional Support System)■
A new style nutritional support system for computers, smartphones and mobile phones. Users can contact Nutritional Supporters over the Internet and receive advice about their health at any time of the day.
■Internet Learning Support System Ver.1.0■

An interactive system that enables those who run learning classes, teachers, students and parents to communicate with each other online.

■Friendly Communication Square(For friendly in-house communication) Ver.1.0■

Through use of the Internet, this system enables staff and management to carry out friendly and convenient communication regarding business and
in-house everyday duties. A function whereby the mental condition of staff can be gauged through the exchange of information. Please try using this system to build a vibrant working environment.

■Hospitals Calorie 32 Ver.3.1■

This product is recognized as a special program by the IPA (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan). It is a computer system that provides guidance regarding hospital meals, numbers of meals and nutrition. It is supported by many of our clients in the areas of hospital food, medical care facilities for the elderly, special nursing home for the aged and industrial catering. This system automatically generates various monthly reports from menus to placing orders.

■Pawnshop Management 2018■

This is an easy-to-use managing system that controls a pawnbroker’s everyday business, including transactions, purchases and dealings with clients. Based on Ver.3.0, the operability and reliability of the system has been enhanced. Incorporating the suggestions of pawnbrokers themselves, we have developed a system with efficient and smooth management functions.


Quest-Computer is an agent for the Linux Internet Server Aqua-Rikkey. As well as the standard package, we offer a variety of options to respond to a wide range of customer needs. Our service is thorough and includes design, construction, installation and set-up, providing our customers with the finest computing environments.

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