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Telework Second Day② Evening Shift: H

I was finding it hard to concentrate on work so I lit some incense.
Although I love the smell of incense, the cute rabbit illustration on the plate is very healing.
Okay, back to work, then!



Telework Second Day① Morning Shift: S

It’s the second day of Telework. I walked a lot the first day, so I am taking it easy today. I am eating at home today. I bought some ingredients at the supermarket on my way home from my lunchtime stroll yesterday. I used these to make lunch.


And this is a photograph of lunch. Although it is very simple, I am happy because I usually don’t have the chance to eat something fresh for lunch.

I bought the luncheon mat at Mai Vang. It’s so cute.





Telework First Day⑤ Morning Shift: S

I really enjoyed my lunchtime stroll, so I decided to go running after work.
Once my shift is over, as I am at home, it is easy for me to change into my running gear. If I were to come home from the office, I would find it tiresome to change and go out once more. This is one benefit of Telework.

As long as I keep to the main roads, I feel safe running at night.
My run took me past the Meijiza theater. I’ve never seen a performance at this theater, so perhaps I will go. The photograph is a photograph of Meijiza.

I also found a greengrocers. The prices were very reasonable, so it took a great deal of self control not to buy anything, but I continued on my way. Up until now, I’ve never really explored my neighborhood properly, so I would really like to run again in the future.




Telework First Day④ Morning Shift: S

As it was a pleasant day, so I decided to take a lunchtime walk.
I headed towards Sky Tree, but it took more out of me than I thought.
It was a leisurely lunchtime, but now I’ll get back to an afternoon of work.


Telework First Day③ Morning Shitf: S

Today’s my first day working at home. I took an early lunch at 11:30. It was early enough for me to get a nice seat on the terrace. The weather was fine, so I found it refreshing to enjoy the scenery in front of me as I ate.


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